Monday, August 25, 2008


I found this under some peeling bark on a tree in the garden.
I assume it to be Z.x-notata as the markings are spot on for that species.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Money Spider

This one is very small, smaller than a match head in fact!
Its a member of the Linyphiidae family which are almost impossible to ID without a microscope as theyre just so small and so alike.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wolf Spider

I found this on the shed wall earlier today. It has been ID'ed as Pardosa amentata.(Thanks mambo!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nursery Web Spider

This is a fantastic looking spider, quite a size too, and I first came across this in the parents garden where it was setting up a web in a conifer tree.
I brogut it indoors to photograph then put it back to let it continue with its business.
Pisaura mirabilis.

Nuctenea umbratica

This is a very long legged spider and is often found in houses, seemingly unmoving and often acts as if its dying. Its name 'umbratica' means lazy!

Garden Spider

This is a very common spider, in spring the garden hedge is full of the baby spiders. This one was photographed in the shed near the window. The colour is very variable in this species with marked sexual dimorphism.

Heres a much smaller male-found in the house recently!


This is a medium sized spider often as not found in the shed(I've yet to see one in the house), possibly A.similis.

Theridion melanurum

This is a very small spider, a couple of millimeters across, about the size of a money spider, yet as you can see from its 'boxing gloves' it is an adult male!

House Spider

Not to be confused with the Mouse Spider below Tegenaria is probably the commonest spider to be found. At first I thought this was T.domestica but having had a good close look at the emboli on the palps I'm certain its T.duellica.

Heres a pic of the embolus of one of these spiders.I checked with my spider book which confirmed it as T.duellica. (Note the above spider is a later female)

Mouse Spider

This is Scotophaeus blackwallii, commonly known as the Mouse Spider because it looks furry,just like a mouse!
Not so much found in the house but often one or two are found in the shed.

Unknown spider in the house

I came across this one night before bed, had to get a photo. Closest ID I can get is Enoplognatha ovata (Red and White Spider) but it lacks the twin lines of dark spots on the abdomen.